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Modern Driving school is located on Pleasant Hill Road at the intersection of Myung Ga Won and Mozart Bakery off Exit 104 on Interstate 85. We are one of the most original and traditional driving schools in the area. Our trained instructors and unbeatable service offer a great education for the first time driver. We strive to help our students earn their driver’s license quickly and easily by tailoring the instructions to perfectly suit each individual student. By the end, they will know the vital points of how to drive.

The Modern Driving School faculty always works hard to ensure our students’ satisfaction and the best possible outcome of the Driver’s License test. After earningyour Driver’s License from our Modern Driving School instruction, you will definitely enjoy driving in composure and know the basic driving etiquettes.

Our instructions will definitely help you enjoy driving with ease and practice basic driving etiquette, which will come in handy after you earn your driver’s license!

Thank you for supporting Modern Driving School. We promise you the best driving instruction service.

Please visit our MDS homepage, and God bless you!